Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Vision Board

Vision boards exist to create a place for you to channel all of your goals.  It allows you to take these goals from your brain and convert them into something more tangible and achievable. These goals can range from material to emotional- a big house or a family.  The point here is that each vision board is unique to each person’s own hopes; no two vision boards should be the same. The board you create for yourself is a visualization tool to help you foresee your best life! 

First step is to find the proper images to form your vision board. It is important to find images that elicit a physical reaction from you- excitement, happiness, curiosity, etc. These pictures should affect your heart, it is important to think outside of your head in order to gather the right photos to create your vision board. If you are like most people out there, you will gather an overflow of images for your board.  That is why this next step is critical in forming a vision board that truly captures your goals in life. This is the time to leave your brain out of the equation and really focus on the images that your heart tells you are most important.  Get rid of logical thinking that tells you this is right or wrong; go with your gut instinct when deciding on the proper pictures to use. Once you have these pictures it’s time to create your own vision board.

Part of what makes these vision boards so effective is they allow you to focus your brain on the things you want in a way that you can let go of them in the day to day sense.  When you create this board you know there is a place that your goals sit organized and defined, you no longer need to pick apart what you want every day but rather focus your energy on the big picture of being successful.  When you need a reminder of why you are working so hard, just take out that vision board and you will regain that stress free focus that we all strive for.

When you are organized in what you want to achieve, you gain the ability to see opportunities that may have been missed prior because you were scattered in focus or forcing things.  Sometimes the hardest thing when working towards success is to let things occur naturally and organically.  While being successful takes a lot of hard work and time, there is still something to be said for being aware enough to recognize opportunities that aren’t blatant to us and for allowing things to flow forward naturally as you continue to work hard.  The vision board will give you this freedom!


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